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Global Reability

Count on instant confirmations and a high-quality service for your clients arount South Florida.

All-inclusive pricing

Count on all-inclusive rates - that's all taxes, wi-fi, Bottle of water, and tolls - confirmed before booking.

Unrivaled flexibility

Amend or cancel bookings free of charge up to two hour before one-way rides under 200km and 48 hours for by-the-hour bookings.

Priority support

Dedicated support team available 24/7 for any day-to-day needs and on-site requirements.

Simplified travel management

Our bespoke booking portal makes managing travel quick and easy.

Real-time updates

Bookers and passengers receive instant updates and flight tracking means automatic adjustments for delays.


Download The App

Are you in urgent need of transport service? Quickly open FAST ICE PASSENGER app and select the car you want to ride in. See how much it costs and how soon it will arrive at your location. After finding everything favorable pay by card when you want to get off. With this transportation app in South Florida, no more messing around for your Private Tours.


Become A Driver

We believe our professional drivers are behind our success that’s why we welcome all professionals, those have licensed and an interest in making a career in this direction. Don’t think much, join our team and raise your fortune!!!

Private Tours Transportation Services

If you depend on the public transportation system of Florida, then the FAST ICE PASSENGER could be your perfect partner to help you with private tours in Florida. It is a highly trusted transportation app in South Florida that aims to avail inhabitants with easy to access and cheap transportation services in Miami, Florida. This app gives real-time reports on all sorts of local public conveyance. This car hire app can be accessed all across Florida, and the developers and creators behind the app detonated that very soon the FAST ICE PASSENGER will be available to be used across the entire United States.
The information presented by this app arrives from one of the most comprehensive and largest traffic data stations. Users have the choice to locate and recognize local data concerning to them, as well as entrance data for other places.
The app will not charge anything for downloading it and enables you to immediately look up drivers in your region, how time it will take them to arrive at your place, and what sort of vehicle they are riding. These all the details can be accessed just on a single click to book the ride, and the driver is informed and on their route. Once you arrive at your destination, the application automatically pays the driver, so you need not to carry cash or suffer about providing your card data out to anyone and thus transfers in Florida will become easier.


Service Areas

FAST ICE is now available in Miami & Broward County, Florida, USA

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